Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Vandalia Railroad & Pennsylvania Railroad  

Vandalia History

Vandalia's Early Days

January 1920 Panhandle Station Burns

Culver Lions Club & the remodeling of the depot

Lake View Hotel

James F. D. Lanier's Own Autobiography

James F. D. Lanier

T. B. Hamilton Thomas B. Hamilton

Marmont Vandalia Trail

A Pennsy passenger train collides with a county truck 1940

Lease of 1911-1915 for the Boat & Bath House in Vandalia Park
Lease of Lake View Hotel by the Vandalia Railroad

Lease between Vandalia Rail Road and Castleman & Williamson

Vandalia Park Lighthouse Lake Maxinkuckee

Vandalia Park Lake Maxinkuckee

Pennsylvania Depot Culver , Indiana Lake Maxinkuckee

New Vandalia Depot opened September 1925

Vandaila & Pennsylvania Rail Road History

Indianapolis & Madison Railroad
School Building In Vandalia Park

March 1958 Pennsylvania Freight Train Wreck - Coal

30 Jan 1951 near St. Rd. 17 (W. Shore Dr.) and Outlet

Vandalia Park Depot Pier Lake Maxinkuckee

Vandalia Park Gazebo or Round Stand

Vandalia & Pennsylvania Trains

Vandalia Railroad Maps

Vandalia_Miscelleanous Photos

William Riley McKeen - Banker, president of Vandalia / Pennsylvania Railroad

William T. Parrish

Station Agents Cottage

Vandalia Depot

Vandalia-Pennsylvania 1896 - Summer Excursions Promo Booklet

The Boat or Bath House

Vandalia Railroad Boathouse Lease

Vandalia - Pennsy Doodlebug