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For the Lake Maxinkuckee site PLEASE if you have corrections, additions etc. DO NOT LEAVE THEM with someone else such as the Culver Post Office clerks - this is not in their job description - it is not their duty to contact me, to inform me or even mail them to me - I have no idea when this someone imposed on the CPO to do this for them but to me it is not proper - there is an e-mail contact on site - I get the mail daily from that address from all points of the world so please use it!

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There has been absolutely no monetary gain from the site for time spent on designing, coding , maintenance, research; etc. Its been a struggle to find and access"free" information. Web site space and domain fees have been paid out of my pocket - at first sharing wit some another fellow genealogist - but help for it. - Web site& domain fees run $189.00 a year.

Also I belong to GENI as a pro and SmartCopy at $389.00 I place a lot of the genealogical material on there and some is already on there and I can help update it. - ii's paid every 6 months at $75.00. I get through a genealogy class so far but my dream has been to afford my own paid site with full access/world access.

Thanks to those such as Jim Peterson, Marcia Adams, Agnes Bramfeld who have given me words of praise and encouragement on the site when I have seen them in places in Culver - it was much needed, appreciated and gives me the encouragement to go on with the site.

Who am I? - Besides a genealogy and history nut...a nobody...if you want to read about me, I am just existing...surviving...

My wish list - for the site:

Much research is needed to connect all the dots or the pieces of the lake cottages and properties that are listed in the various plat maps a good source or starting part would be Abstracts of cottage and/or property abstracts if they still exist. - a scan of contents on a CD Lake directories of the past - anyone have some they no longer using

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PLEASE I will gladly grin and bear and and al critism - :-)

Also since 2012 there has been alot of revamping, eliminating double images, moving folders to single ones instead of nested into others- to make hopefully instant access to material thats been hidden - also to aide in research and in preparing the site for the future when it will be passed on to another... it is hoping by simplifing into into mainly single folders it will not be to overwhelming for the person who will inherit it and that they will continue the tradition I have started in preservation of both the history and genealogy of Lake Maxinkuckee.

NOTHING is lost its only re-located... lost within the site only awaiting to found again alson there is plenty of back-ups - with lot of new indexes hopely to enable you to manuver around easier - also in place has been an expanded search engine which I have even found very useful.