Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

My wish list - for the site:  

. Top Priorty

  • with portable scanner unit - so I can do traveling research work for the site.

Help for sight:
  • $'s for personal subscriptions to footenote com; history Ancestry & genealogical databases
  • $'s for GoDaddy website and domain fee's-
  • A research grant -
Would be nice for my research library - someone else trash, discards:
  • Lake Directories - 1953/4 to 1984 (have 1985,1986, 1987); 1988-1990, (have 1991), 1992, (have 1993 & scanned), 1994-2004 (have 2005-7). I am making a cd of all to donate to the Culver-Union Public Library and the Marshall County Historical Society, Lake Maxinkuckee Lake Assoc. (would be a nice fund raiser for them to sell; ie genealogy & historical ads) - If I can get them all. I think they will all fit on one CD if not 2.
  • Culver Telephone Directories, especially ?1920-40's? - 1950's 1960's, 1971, 1974, 1990, 2000- present - any will be accepted! If they exist
  • Old back issues of Culver Citizens ( I heard that Pilot News threw all the donated bound copies of the citizen into dumpster when they moved out of the downtown office.
  • Old brochures bulletins on and about Culver
  • Use of a paper copy of Cottage and/or property abstracts still in existence, even a scanned copy onto a cd
  • Photos of the Old cottages - especially those which have been torn down with location/address
  • Photos of cottages today

  • A boat ride in spring/fall when trees are not fully leafed out & summer to capture the lakeshore and cottages from lakeside.
  • Tons of ink and paper make a paper copy of the site
  • My hidden pot of gold I have not been able to find - its still MISSING 32 years later!
  • Bookshleves - have picked out Hickory floating by a wild dream -
  • A miracle - maybe winning publishers clearing house!?!?!?!?!? finding the hidden pot of gold?

There has never been any monetary compensation derived only praise and donation of some material, clues and all have been appreciated.

This has been a labor of love since I first started it in 1990 by pencil paper and word filesz. It has grown beyond my wildest dreams but as I researched and found more history confirmed or de-bunked the stories of culver the fascination as grown into an obsession and I have personally learned a lot I never knew about Culver.

2021 - Had to buy new printer; In December my laptop got in Dec. 2016 decided to act up - I had placed all the Maxinkuckee site on it with no back up taking it off the deckstop as was working on it a night sometimes very late and it was comfortable to do it in bed. Somehow I lucked out and got 2 for the price of one. I was able to get everything off it on an external drive and decided to to same with desktop since it was a 2009/2010 and been running slow etc. and acted like it could die...

2022 - The last of Septemeber - Centurylink now Brightspeed destoyed the whole website by popping on and off while uploading to the server, it was a nightmare. The say "if no bad luck I would have no luck at all" seems to apply to everything that has happened since April 2020. I have hid and buried my fears and fustrations by working on the website

2023 - Feb brought about a broken USB port on the external drive Computer Pit-Stop Coleen was able to salvage most or all files still checking there were some a garbaled mess or content was not as the file name implied. Bought a new external hard drive and she made another duplicate copy and the grabled up pages turrned out to be the actual pages as was saved - not sure what the difference was between the slavage and the backup to the new external drive - BUT not looking a gift-horse in the mouth as thus far been able to recover the Lake Maxinkuckee site as was and improve it with new research. I have not delved into any of my personal genealogy records or photos - BUT devonting all my time to restoring and imporving this website - my stuff can come later if i live long enough to do it. Ha Ha Ha

I can use any help right now to keep on going and keeping this site up - I have tried to give it my all since 2004 - its been my sanity and escape from reality even more so since Nov. 2016

I know the last 5-6 years I have been negligent - BUT I was caregiver to a friend who was diagnoised with not making red blood cells in Nov. 2016 and required 2 units of blood every week (if the doctor would allow sometimes only one to keep his blood count at 7.5 sometimes it would hit 8 and if only on unit could dip as low as 5 normal is 14-16) till he died Jun 28, 2018 and then for his son who was diagnoised with Stage IV-B non-small cell lung cancer with lymph node involement Oct 25 2017 and died April 24 2022, many trips to I. U. Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. I put their well-being and care above everything else, what I wanted, needed and probably my health as many a night I did not get any sleep or was up every 2 hours to keep the wood stove going.

The saying is "If had not bad luck I would have no luck at all".

Would appriciate dontations towards - items listed above. Have been using my cell phone researching a bit inconvient but does wotk

If you wish to DONATE for the up keep of the site you can via PayPal; if allowed mark as Donation/gift. Or e-mail me for mailing address to donate. I really would appreciate it been a very rough 5 years plus.