Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

My wish list - for the site:  

One wish down....

  • Lake Directories - 1953/4 to 1984 (have 1985,1986, 1987); 1988-1990, (have 1991), 1992, (have 1993 & scanned), 1994-2004 (have 2005-7). I am making a cd of all to donate to the Culver-Union Public Library and the Marshall County Historical Society, Lake Maxinkuckee Lake Assoc. (would be a nice fund raiser for them to sell; ie genealogy & historical ads) - If I can get them all. I think they will all fit on one CD if not 2.
  • Telephone Directories, especially pre 1952
  • Use of a paper copy of Cottage and/or property abstracts still in existence, even a scanned copy onto a cd
  • Photos of the Old Cottages - especially those which have been toren down
  • Photos of Cottages today
  • A boat ride in spring/fall when trees are nto fully leafed out & summer to capture the lakeshore and cottages from lakeside.
  • A power back-up unit & line voltage regulator
  • with portable scanner unit - so I can do traveling research work for the site.
  • Tons of ink and paper make a paper copy of the site
  • personal subscriptions to; history & genealogical databases
  • A research grant -
  • My hidden pot of gold I have not been able to find - its still MISSING 29+ years later!
  • My house back to livable or useable condition so could walk to AHS culver history museum for research!
  • A miracle - maybe winning publishers clearing house!?!?!?!?!? finding the hidden pot of gold?
  • If you wish to Donate for the upkeep of the site you can via PayPal; if allowed mark as Donation/gift.

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